Management and Maintenance Control Technology Platform. Is easy to use, so you can access from any device that browses the internet, from wherever you are.


Cost Reduction.- Thanks to efficient management of human and material resources.

Updated inventory.- Of all the productive and non-productive assets of your company, with its technical data, location data, drawings, drawings, critical parts, manuals, photos and video, all online.

Preventive and predictive maintenance planning for each critical and non-critical component of your assets / machines.

Manage through internal or external work orders as appropriate all the work to be done on each asset.

Report failures sent through your mobile device for prompt attention.

Manage stock of spare parts and supplies efficiently and carry out planned purchases.

Analysis of recurring failures in the equipment to avoid production stops.

World Class Maintenance Indicators.

Asset Management Software for Services

Focused on maintenance service companies: elevators, forklifts, equipment, cleaning, refrigeration, among others. It allows you to keep an orderly control of your activities, being able to verify at all times the requests of clients, schedule of activities for execution of preventives, alerts, histories and reports per client, evaluation and control of times of care of contingencies, provides statistical history that leads to a decision making with certain data. Guaranteeing your services in time and form.

Asset Management Software for Facility Management

Manage maintenance of buildings and their associated services, optimize tasks and reduce costs. Manage Hard services and Soft services.

It covers corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance of all facilities and open spaces in common use, inspections, surveys, measurements, control and evaluation of suppliers. Applied in property management companies, commercial centers, health centers, clubs, complex buildings and corporate buildings.

Easily perform the asset management of the facilities and their cost centers.

Asset Management Software for Hospitals

It covers preventive and predictive maintenance of all biomedical equipment for patient safety. It maintains the facilities in optimum conditions, monitors the working times of external suppliers, contributes to reduce costs and efficiently manages the tasks of extensions and spare parts.

General services. Managing the maintenance of pathogenic waste resources, general cleaning and laundry and maintenance of rooms, among others.

Hygiene and safety. Controlling the bet on land with measurements made by qualified personnel, planning the replacement of equipment that damages the environment, among others.

Maintenance of new installations and works. Controlling humidity in critical rooms, registering facilities and their parts, oxygen groups, generators, among others.

Quality. Managing the documentation for certification in different quality standards.

Asset Management Software for Industries

It allows to manage the maintenance tasks in the industries, optimizing the time of equipment operation reducing its costs, forecast of works in stops of plants, histories of tasks, analysis of costs, indicators of productivity and yield.

Applied in aeronautical Industries, foodstuffs, autopartistas, metalmecánica, miners, naval, among others.

It provides management information through ratios, management indicators, decision cubes and facilitates the process of certification of different quality standards.

Asset Management Software for Fleets

Control the maintenance of the fleet of vehicles, including an inventory, data sheets, vehicle breakdown, machinery, planning and monitoring of preventive controls. Traceability of components, consumption reports, fuel efficiency and other fluids. Integration with satellite tracking devices (AVL / GIS). Applied in companies of distribution, freight and passengers transport, developers, roads.

Schedule preventative controls and record corrective actions, achieve greater efficiency in the organization, reduce operating costs and extend the life of your vehicles.