Commemoration of International Women's Day.

The inequality that exists for women in industrial sectors in Mexico, is a real issue and of great importance since on many occasions their monetary income or economic offers are quantitatively lower than those of their male counterparts; For this reason, the constant fight for gender equality is a key issue for the development of our country.


Women are heads of state or government in 22 countries, and only 24.9 per cent of national parliamentarians are women.


Before the end of 2020 !!

Train your team in operational work. Implement Asset Management in your company. Reliability, Production and Maintenance Training, Training with value for the industry.


We are a reference in Latin America in the training of essential professional competencies in the processes associated with Asset Management, being recognized by our certified consultants with experience in the industry of various sectors.


We have advisory meetings as part of our commitment to promote the implementation of the culture of Reliability.


Pink Mounth

October is officially World Breast Cancer Awareness Month. What is breast cancer? It is a malignant mass, which occurs in the mammary glands. • In Mexico, it is the leading cause of death in women older than 25 years. • 15 Mexican women die a day from breast cancer. • AGUASCALIENTES, CAMPECHE and COLIMA have the highest incidence of cases. What I can do? 1. MASTOGRAPHY is the only effective intervention to reduce mortality from this disease. 2. SELF-EXAMINATION and clinical examination are recommended for the timely detection of abnormalities. 3.

Facility Management in Industry

In the food production industries, in any of its phases, whether raw material, packaging material or food manufacturing, Facility Management is a protagonist in two fundamental aspects of the competitiveness of these producers. 
*First, it facilitates compliance with the quality standards governing the subject matter, such as ISO/FSC22000 and good manufacturing practices, because through the processes designed for this purpose, it ensures the proper sanitization of production lines and their auxiliary services.