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The Samurai game is a Values-Focused Leadership Training; Valuable organizations such as the United Nations, Coca-Cola, Forbes, Cartier, Volvo, among others, currently are using this discipline to develop their senior executives, directors, managers, assistant managers, personnel handling trust positions where leadership, honesty and honorability are required, there are 3,745 graduates in 7 countries in Latin America that have adopted this discipline, Mexico, Argentina, Panama, Bolivia, El Salvador, Peru and Colombia.

This technique is a training with the capacity to impact the life of the participants in a positive way, forming prepared and competitive leaders who support the vision of the company with a strategic approach to sales and business, based on principles such as integrity, respect, courage, honor, compassion, honesty and loyalty, which become the pillars of this experience where each participant builds the victory over himself, facing each challenge with respect and dignity …

IPSESA Group adopted it and now we share. Part of the next group there are more than 500 scholarships available for this year.

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The Samurai game