The continuous search for excellence, forces companies to continuously evolve, to remain competitive in the market.

In the last fifty years, maintenance has been transforming its philosophy, in the early 50's, it was known only the practice of corrective maintenance where the standard was to repair the equipment once they failed.

In this new century, maintenance continues with the orientation reached in the 90's, known as World Class Maintenance, a philosophy that grouped a series of trends from total production maintenance, through maintenance focused on reliability and finally concepts of risk management, based on giving importance and incidence of maintenance within the strategies of the business, raising it to a new concept considering the following orientation:

  • Value
  • Quality approach
  • Cultural change
  • Management of Uncertainty.

For this reason, Ipsesa is a provider of Integral Solutions, we start whit a Solution Design, consulting services with certified specialists, Coaching (Knowledge transfer), training of specialists in reliability until the integration of Asset Performance Management using an innovative technology (APM Meridium software) to help you implement strategies to manage the performance of your assets, execute them and perform effective evaluation practices, reducing risk and improving profitability, coupled with the connectivity always present through their mobile (Mobile Phone, Tablet, etc.), to have the control their business always in their hands.

Ipsesa provides sustainable support to the process of reliability work and strategies that continuously improve the asset performance management.

With a fast return on investment, intense and proven, Ipsesa is an excellent investment option to improve the utilization capacity and the profitability of your company supported in effective strategies to manage the performance of assets and a sustainable work process based in specialized software: this is the power of Ipsesa.

Our philosophy is simple: we base our business on honesty and fairness. We effort to offer companies like you, solutions that reduce risks and improve your goals.

Asset management helps organizations to planning their maintenance and achieve to response to business needs. In addition, it does not focus so much on applying asset methodologies, but on generating value through assets, that is, focusing on the "Business".

In this sense ISO 55000 defines asset management as: "The coordination of the activities into an organization to create value through its assets", and the definition of asset is: "something that has value or potential value for an organization ". This would be WHAT ...

The WHY is associated with how to make the company have sustainability, and what can be demonstrated how the actions carried out are really generating value to the business.

Operational Reliability is defined as a series of continuous improvement processes that systematically incorporate advanced diagnostic tools, analysis methodologies and new technologies to optimize the management, planning, execution and control of industrial production.

Maintenance management includes all activities designed to determine maintenance objectives and priorities, strategies and responsibilities. All this facilitates the planning.