Specialized training

The program aims to meet the needs and challenges of the industry in a global and economically changing context. That is, it seeks to close the knowledge gaps of professionals with respect to current industrial needs. That is, the need to have leading professionals that combine the knowledge and benefits of each area will increase more and more, due to the requirements of the competitive requirements of the market. None of the industrial sectors such as manufacturing, energy, oil, gas, petrochemical, mining, transportation, aerospace and process industries, are exempt from this need.

"Reactivate your professional plans and trace where you will begin to develop them" ACADEMY OF RELIABILITY, advanced studies of Industrial Maintenance Taught by certified consultants with experience of more than 20 years in industrial sectors, Live Online!


Electronic Engineer graduated from the Polytechnic Institute of the National Armed Forces. Certified as Professional in Maintenance and Reliability (CMRP), SMRP (Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals) since 2006. Reg No. 139052, Certificate in Quantitative Risk Management CQRM), IIPER (International Institute of Professional and Research).

President- Founder AVEPMCO Venezuelan Association of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals.

He has been invited like a professor at Venezuela Universities such as Universidad de Oriente, Universidad Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho, Santiago Mariño Polytechnic Institute in various technical and managerial areas of the area of maintenance and reliability.

Expert in Oil & Gas, Mining, Refineries, among others.

Consultant in Reliability and Asset Management IPSESA.

Industrial engineer graduated from Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacín, Venezuela. Specialization in Reliability of Industrial Systems at the University of Simón Bolívar, Caracas, Venezuela. Master in Maintenance Management at the University of Zulia, Maracaibo, Venezuela.

He has held positions as Senior Asset Management Consultant, Asset Strategy Superintendent, Asset Strategy Supervisor, Reliability Engineer, Planning Analyst, among others, in companies such as Polinter (Polyolefins International), Baker Oil Tool, Argymca and Consultant in Reliability and Asset Management IPSESA.



Mechanical Engineer graduated from the Universidad de Oriente, Venezuela. Master's Degree in Maintenance Engineering - Reliability and Safety Industry Mention. Universidad Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho, Venezuela. Degree in Design and Project Management, University of Valencia, Spain. Diploma in Human Reliability. Simon Bolivar University Venezuela. CMRP International Certification, by the Society of Professional Maintenance and Reliability SMRP. Certificate in Asset Management and Reliability Asset Management Reliability, PMM Institute for Learning, Spain.

He has held positions as Senior Consultant, Superintendent of Reliability Engineering, Leader of Reliability Engineering, Supervisor of Reliability Engineering, Reliability Engineer in companies such as PDVSA E & P Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad, Argymca and Reliability and Asset Management Consultant IPSESA.

Industrial Maintenance Engineer graduated from the Northeastern University Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho. Currently conducting Master's Degree in Maintenance Engineering - Reliability and Industrial Safety.

He has held positions as a Reliability Consultant for the Refining, Oil Improvement and Oil & Gas industry, among others; in companies such as PDVSA Refinación Oriente, PDVSA Petropiar, PDVSA Furrial District and more recently in Argymca developing projects of Risk Cost Optimization in spare parts warehouses, design and implementation of maintenance strategies for care of assets applying methodologies such as MCC and AMEF, among other methodologies of reliability and Consultant in Reliability and Management of Assets IPSESA.

Professional, Higher University Technician, Graduated in the Hygiene and Safety Industrial Specialty since 2006. Graduated from the University Institute of Industrial Management Technology (IUTA), currently studying Industrial Engineering at Santiago Mariño Polytechnic University. With knowledge, abilities and skills applicable in the areas of Safety Hygiene and Environment, Operations, Industrial, Maintenance and Reliability.

He has more than 10 years of experience in the service of the Venezuelan Oil Industry (In Shore - Off Shore), in the development of projects such as: Taxonomic Structure Development, Creation of Materials and Equipment, Route Sheets, PM Sheets, Maintenance Planning, Critical Analysis, SHA Programs, Inventory Optimization. Among the methodologies and tools handled are: Reliability Centered Maintenance (MCC), Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (AMEF), Root Cause Analysis ACR), SHA Module C, Risk Management of H2S, Work Risk Analysis (ART), among others. System Management (Meridium), System Aplication and Process (SAP) and SAP-PM / MM Modules Since 2016, it has been providing services to the Reliability and Maintenance Advisory Company ARGYMCA, supporting the development of Optimization projects Inventories, Maintenance Plans and training, among other functions. Training Workshop SMRP, July 2017, as well as Consultant in Reliability and Asset Management IPSESA.

Materials Engineer with postgraduate in Reliability of Industrial Systems. Graduated from Universidad Simón Bolívar. Certified as Professional in Project Management (PMP); PMI (Project Management Institute) since 2012. Has been certified as Pipeline Inspector and IBR Analyst according to API 570 and 580 standards respectively; API (American Petroleum Institute).

He has held positions as Senior Mechanical Integrity Consultant, Project Leader, Reliability Engineering Supervisor, Reliability Engineer, Static Equipment Inspection Engineer, Inspector of Inspection Equipment and Inspector QA / QC; in companies such as Fertinitro, Petroecuador, Petropiar, Ameriven, PDVSA E & P, among others; with experience in projects of implementation of Asset Management Systems (Meridium) and Maintenance Management (SAP PM), development of Asset Care Strategies applying methodologies such as: IBR, AMEF and MCC, problem solving through ACR.

Partner of AVEPMCO (Venezuelan Association of Professionals of Maintenance and Reliability), currently Consultant in Reliability and Asset Management IPSESA.


Mechanical Engineer from the Antonio José de Sucre National Experimental Polytechnic University in Venezuela. He is a Consultant - Facilitator with 25 years of industrial experience, covering responsibilities from a predictive inspection engineer in dynamic equipment, Alignment and Balancing of Rotating Equipment, Vibration Analysis and Infrared Thermography, as well as a reliability engineer and instructor in these techniques with more than 30,000 hours of training given. He has been certified as a Level III Vibration Analyst.

​He is a columnist - Editor - Founder of the Industrial Reliability Magazine.


He is a Mechanical Engineer with a Master's Degree in Maintenance Management from the Universidad del Zulia in Venezuela. He is a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP) by the Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP) in the USA.

He is a University Professor, Article Writer and Lecturer on Reliability Engineering, Maintenance and Asset Management Works. He has 19 years of experience as a leader in the development and implementation of asset management strategies, evaluation of the performance of physical assets, cost / risk optimization for decision-making in capital investments and selection among the alternatives to operate or maintain for teams and systems installed in petrochemical, gas, oil and manufacturing plants, all this with the aim of improving the productivity of industrial processes, as well as reducing costs in the life cycle and obtaining the maximum value of physical assets consistent with the organizational strategic plan.